Eggs with Tails


eggs_3 eggs_4In 2013 I decided to revisit one of my favorite forms I call ” Eggs with Tails”. Eleven neutral-colored orbs take on a freshly unearthed finish using a two-part glaze firing process.

I like the idea of these pieces being relics, fossils, or some sort of alien body found deep in nature. Perhaps you found one emerging from a crumbling creekside. Or among broken shards and tin cans in a hundred year old trash heap. Maybe it was in the open desert still glowing warm from its entry into our atmosphere. You might have made a wish on it just moments before. Feel free to do so now.

Eggs with Tails are available for purchase at The Vagabond Rose Gallery, 236 Main St. Chico, CA. (530) 343-1110


Botanical Studies: New Ceramic Wall Hangings

Wall_1 Wall_2 Wall_3I have been experimenting with a new way to draw on clay. These ceramic wall hangings are individually wheel-thrown, then drawn on with botanical and nature scenes. I’m still interested in themes like grain, and honeybees, and have integrated new observations like landscapes, and stalactites. I hope you enjoy!

Way Back When in 2010!

This was a great little indie craft fair put on at the Three Sixty Ecotique in downtown Chico, back in  May 2010. (Check out all the hot babes in the mirror reflection…)
DSCN2901DSCN2891DSCN2878I had so much fun making these mini ceramic and fabric sculptures. I used a traditional braided rug technique for many of the backgrounds, topped with tiny hand-sculpted ceramic “tiles”. This project was actually inspired by a piece I did for the 1″ show for the Crux Artist Collective a couple of years earlier. Waaaaaay back!